5 Essential Facts on Renewable Energy vs Fossil Fuels

Renewable Energy vs Fossil Fuels - 5 Essential Facts
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You’ve apparently heard that clean energy sources are being popular while oil-based power sources are rejected by many people who loves producing renewable energy. In any case, you in spite of everything may be figuring: What accomplishes such a great deal conversation truly mean? Have no fear—we’ve outlined five things you need to consider about renewable energy sources and oil-based power to help you with understanding the difference between renewable energy and fossil fuels.

1. The Difference Between Renewable Energy and Fossil Fuels?

The differentiation between the two isn’t as you may presume. Economical energy source starts from natural resources that can be used during a typical human lifetime. Such as,

  • Daylight based (Solar)
  • Wind
  • Hydro
  • Geothermal
  • Biomass

Oil subsidiaries/fossil fuel, on the other hand, can take more than hundreds of years. or even millions of years to regenerate. Examples are

  • Oil gas
  • Coal
  • Oil

That is the main fact when comes to our mind when talking about renewable energy vs fossil fuel.

These separations may seem completely settled, anyway, there are some poorly characterized circumstances. Natural gas is normally introduced as a “clean power source” because it burns cleaner than coal. Some people may even acknowledge that oil gas as a sustainable energy resource. don’t get confused. natural gas is a fossil fuel that produces CO2 when it burned. By virtue of biomass, Regarding biomass energy, these facts get a bit more complicated. wood burning is the most popular way of generating biomass energy. Sometimes it emits more CO2 than burning coal. Wood is classified as a renewable resource by scientists since trees can be regenerated. but the important thing is it takes years to grow up a tree.

2. Fossil based Power Generation Dominate Energy Industry in the US

when it comes to American energy production there is no dought that fossil fuels rule the day. But if you know that in the US, natural gas-based energy generation now comes into the picture more than previously Its more than coal. The energy industry is in a huge hungry for natural gas and will do anything to extract it.Although power from natural gas currently leads because of higher fracking activity, it still faces some amount of competition from other resources. See below breakdown of power generation by resource type:

Percentage of Energy Generation in the US

  • 34% natural gas-based
  • 30% coal
  • 20% nuclear
  • 15% renewables
  • 1% oil

By looking at above you might feel like an good battle for renewable energy. But the question is Why ? Because still the coal is very close to natural gas and nuclear power. still outpaces renewable sources by about 5%. But the numbers around renewable energy generation are not as disappointing as they may seem.

3. Renewable Sources Are Growing Faster than Fossil Fuels

Even though the power from the natural gas increased its market share in a impressive manner over the past decade, renewable energy sources grew rapidly than any fossil fuels. In the year 2016, Power generation from the renewable energy in the US increased to a record of 22 gigawatts of capacity by burying the fossil fuel growth. We know that in Texas, wind power is by far the most prefered renewable resource with nearly three times the megawatt capacity of any other state. And also cutting edge grid that supports the efficient delivery of wind electricity generation. If an state like Texas which is rich of oil can sustainably grow renewable energy, it is very reasonable to think the percentage of renewable energy sources will continue to grow faster than fossil fuels.

4. Renewable Sources are Cheaper than Fossil Fuels

The old belief that renewable energy generation is very expensive is just that an excuse. At present, the energy which produced by renewable energy sources is just as affordable as the energy which produced by fossil fuels, It can be rarely not cheaper due to many reasons. But most of the time it is very cheap. If we implement properly solar panel system can generate power at roughly half the cost of fossil fuels like coal. That is a lot of savings comparing to coal. So what else? By the time renewable energy generation is only expected to get cheaper than today.

5. Environmental Friendly. Renewable Energy is Cleaner than Fossil Fuels

Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, the temperature of the earth has increased rapidly. this has impacted to raising oceanic water levels in its wake. fossil fuel is not the only thing that heats up the earth, it produces harmful products to the environment like air pollution, which affects our lung health. So this is very bad for the environment in many other ways.

On the other hand, renewable energy emits less carbon dioxide than fossil fuels. In fact, renewable power sources like solar and wind power don’t emit any carbon dioxide at all (apart from construction and maintenance). With renewable energy, you can easily breathe and stay cooler, and also supports a more comfortable world for the next generations. When considering about renewable energy vs fossil fuel you should remember that renewable energy generation is a clean power source, it’s very easier to sustain over time, broadening even more rapidly, and sometimes it’s cheaper than fossil fuels also.

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